What to Choose for Kitchen Countertops


When it comes to kitchen countertops you really have only a few choices.  It’s marble, granite or quartz. All of them are stones produced by the natural process of decomposition and crystallization of various minerals.

Granite is generally formed deep underground at very high temperatures. Marble is composed of solidified deposits under the seabed. Quartz is contained in granite and other igneous rocks.

These stones have been used for similar purposes particularly for floors, bathroom and countertops, tables, etc… Each has its own advantages and disadvantages which you should know before deciding which is best for your kitchen countertop. Granite is dense and hard stone that is resistant to stains. Marble is not as hard as granite and because its primary component is calcium susceptible to staining from liquids containing acids such as vinegar and citrus drinks. The quartz family is the hardest semi-precious stone on earth and makes quality countertops from the granite yards nj, rivaling the quality of granite and marble countertops.

Which to choose then?  There several issues that may help you choose. The first is the issue of maintenance. On this, quartz specifically the silestone kitchen counter comes out on top. Since it is denser than either marble or granite, it does not require sealing while the two requires it at least once year.  Without sealing, both surfaces are likely to develop bacteria can be harmful to your family’s health. Another thing, quartz is much more resistant to staining from spills.

When it comes to resilience quartz is only slightly more resilient than granite or marble.  Granite and marble has hairline fissures that make them vulnerable to chipping and cracking when force is applied. Quartz does not such fissures which mean it can withstand force a little bit better than the two stones.

When it comes to aesthetic value the stones are about even. Whatever you choose you can be sure that you will not be disappointed.  These stones easily adapts to any kind of kitchen design you prefer, whether traditional or modern.  If you want to learn more about granite countertops, you can visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Countertop.

Whatever your choice is, silestone kitchen countertop or granite countertops, it is best that you choose brands.  The characteristics of these stones are determined by composition and time, but countertop makers do not just sell them straight from quarry sites. Silestone for example undergoes a process while granite has to be designed and polished to remove the rough spots and highlight the natural colors, etc… You’d want to buy from a company that has been proven good at transforming rough quartz or granite into excellent countertops.